Working at Touch

Starting a new job is always daunting. I barely had time to get comfy in my new office chair before an exciting internal project landed on my desk! Though nervous at being tasked with such an important project so early on, I couldn’t wait to get stuck in!

As we are growing at such a rapid pace here at Touch, it is so important we platform our strengths and everything we have to offer, including our fabulous team. So, what better way to do this than through a company video! With this video, we would aim to appeal to any fresh talent thinking of applying for a job or thinking of working with us!

As someone who is not only new to the Touch team but to the video and digital world as a whole, this was a completely new venture for me! Working closely with one of our experienced senior designers, I created a brief outlining the look and feel of the video, in addition to identifying the speakers and the questions they would be answering. We were all in agreement that a ‘talking heads’ video was the best route forward (in essence someone talking directly into the camera, showing just the shoulders up).

We enlisted the help of a video production company called ‘Let’s Talk Film’s’ who specialise in the professional production of videos. With our creative vision and their expertise and high tech equipment, we were able to create something we could all be proud of!

The team was tingling with anticipation and nerves as the cameras and special lighting equipment was placed strategically around the office. For many, it would be their first time in front of the camera so extra effort was made by all to look their best!

And so, without further ado, I would like to present the first Touch Creative company video…