Summer Party 2015!

Despite a wet start, the summer is finally here and what better way to celebrate than with our annual Touch Summer Social! This year took us to the heart of our nation’s capital on one of the hottest days of the year, where our directors Vini, Anna and Alex had organised the day’s activities leaving the rest of us with absolutely no idea what was in store… we were so excited!

We started with an ‘Apprentice’ inspired treasure hunt through the city. Arriving at our hotel in Holborn just after lunchtime, we were split into two teams and given a series of clues and some items to help us on our way; two Hi-viz jackets (these would be important later on), spending money and some photographs, in addition to the rules of play.

As soon as team photos were taken, we set off; our main objective to be the first team back with all the tasks complete and despite the blazing heat, everyone was raring to go!

Team Scram

Team Scarper

Actors were hired to wait for us at different points across London (on the look-out for confused looking people in hi-viz jackets). They were posing as cyclists, big issue salesmen and good Samaritans, with added help from Covent  Garden Street performers, store owners and barmen (one unbreakable rule: never turn down a drink!)

At Leicester Square, we were tasked with finding a caricaturist and commissioning an illustration of 3 members of our team. At this point we crossed paths with the other team and things became very competitive.

joint carticature

The most bizarre task of the day was the purchase of a ‘Durian fruit’ (renowned for its terrible smell) from China Town. I hasten to say there were no taste test volunteers!


Our visit to Covent Garden was also very eventful, as we lead the hunt for the wicked witch…


And the winners were…

TEAM SCARPER! Trying to hide their disappointment, Team Scram were gracious in defeat and celebratory champagne was enjoyed all round. It was an extremely fun, but exhausting day! We all agreed we’d sleep well that night, but not before we headed out for dinner and drinks!

After a day of fortunate weather, several alcoholic beverages and running around London, what better way to finish it off than with some good food, more drinks and great entertainment… let the party commence!

IMG_2185joint circus

With the ladies glammed up and the men looking sharp, we all headed to Circus. Nestled in Covent Garden, the restaurant itself is actually a combination of cabaret and cocktails, delicious food and amazing entertainment – lots of dancing on tables (not by us we’d like to add!), fire performances… we’ll let the photos show you the rest!


 The day was a fantastic success; a great chance for all the new team members to get to know everyone and for the whole team to have some down time after a few very busy months!

A big thank you to our directors for organising the whole event!