Touch’s Top Ten: Project Management

As a company we take project management very seriously, and believe it’s as important to the outcome as the creative. Because of this we wanted to share our top tips for good project management with you. Enjoy!

They say if you fail to prepare, you can prepare to fail, and when it comes to project management this is definitely true!

It’s important to understand your client’s wants and needs. However, internal communication is equally important, ensuring the team and suppliers are briefed, up to speed and working together at every stage.

Ability to Lead
Good project managers are no shrinking violets. They’re confident and in control, but never bossy! Managing a project takes excellent leadership and an understanding of the client, brief and team.

Pick the Right Team
A good agency has a network of trusted suppliers and freelancers, as well as a top in house team. Assembling the best people for the job is crucial to meeting the client’s needs.

Creative Edge
It’s important to be not only logical but also creative, having a keen eye for what works both visually and practically. This helps the creative team deliver something bang on brief and brand appropriate.

Problem Solving
All projects pose new challenges and unique problems, so tackle these with a level head, and use expert skills to find a successful solution.

Eye for Detail
A good eye for details is crucial. It’s important anything that is sent across to a client is as accurate as possible, with consistency throughout.

Make it Happen
Sometimes fulfilling the brief requires thinking big and making the impossible happen. Staying calm and being resourceful is key to effective delivery.

Be Realistic
Being realistic is the only way to ensure that work is delivered on time, on budget and to a high standard. It may not be the most exciting part of the job, but it is certainly one of the most important.

Stay Cool, Calm and Collected
It can be tough being a project manager, but whatever is thrown at you, keeping your cool is a must. A level head and a good attitude can help you resolve even the stickiest situations.