Logo Development

Why should you update your logo?

Logos are important. They are the most visible indication of the professionalism, character and core values of your business. A good logo should establish a sense of legitimacy and trust. It should be recognisable, easily remembered and help your business to stand out from the crowd.

Every logo design has a shelf life. A strong logo can last a company for years, but the increasing pace of modern business means the lifespan of a logo has steadily decreased. So how do you know when it’s time for a change and are just a few tweaks enough or something more drastic?

When should you update your logo?

Every decision must be unique and appropriate to your business at that moment in time. Sometimes businesses can be too keen to make a change simply because they are tired of their logo. On the flip side, a reluctance to change can leave your brand looking cheap or out-dated.

The following are a few key indicators that it may be time to make a change:

It looks amateur
A professional business needs a professional logo. If yours looks amateurish then so will your business. Investing in an established, professional graphic designer to work on your logo is always the way to go.

It’s too generic
Logo designs should always be unique. Copying other logos or using stock artwork will make your business appear bland, unoriginal and unmemorable.

The design is out of date
Styles and trends come and go. It’s a good rule of thumb to review the fonts, colour combinations and shapes used in your logo every 5 years or so to ensure they’re not looking dated. This said, making changes to reflect every new design fad is unnecessary and could reduce make your logo less recognisable.

It’s too complicated
A simple design makes a logo recognisable, memorable and easy to translate across devices, platforms and media. Whether in print or on screen, at large or small scale or in single colour format, your logo should appear clear and consistent at all times.

It doesn’t fit your company any more
Changes in the nature of your business may mean that your logo just no longer accurately represents the brand you have become over time. When this is the case it’s definitely time for change and could be time for a rethink….

Do you tweak your logo or completely overhaul?

So when you’ve decided it’s time to make a change, how do you determine whether just few tweaks or a full overhaul is required?

The “Evolution” Option

If the core purpose of your business remains unchanged and there’s nothing dramatically wrong with your logo then this may be the route for you. Despite sometimes making impactful cosmetic adjustments, the core elements of the logo are usually unchanged with the overall message being one of continuity.

A good example of this is the Google logo. Aside from minor colour modifications, adding/removing drop shadows and tweaks to font serifs, the logo remains relatively unchanged from that used at launch.


The “Revolution” Option

Substantial changes to a company’s logo are usually linked to significant business change, for example a diversification into new markets or a merger. This was the case with BP (British Petroleum) in 2000. Following a series of substantial mergers and acquisitions, the company wanted to convey the fact that they now operated in a wide variety of energy markets beyond just petroleum.

BP logo developmentHowever you choose to develop your logo, it’s important to ensure that the decisions you make are appropriate and individual to your business at that point in time.

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Simon Dempsey
Studio Manager