Make partnering with Touch a highlight in 2016

“Agency life can get intense. We have all been there: shifting timelines, hectic pitches, unexpected client needs. Should you focus on resourcing, urgent project work, that proposal deadline, or everything together? If you shift your focus to Touch Creative one thing stands out… We should work together.”

Our Core Services brochure landed on many of our client’s desks earlier this month to fantastic review (all thanks to the dedicated team that worked on this project).

During the process we found that not all of our clients were aware of the broad range of services we offer; from creative design and animation through to internal communications, digital offerings and events and exhibitions (not to mention project management!).

Since its delivery we have been delighted to help our existing clients in new areas, further cementing the notion that we are an agency that can be relied upon across the board.

Our clients range from smaller science-led agencies, to those with in-house creative teams that are looking for additional support, all of whom benefit from our competitive hourly rate and our extensive pharma industry experience.

Why not take a peek at our Core Services brochure for a summary of all we can do. We would love to discuss where your business is going and how we can work together to fulfil your business needs.